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Catering Menu

Please note that all catering orders require a 48 hour notice!


Small bites to satisfy any taste for all occasions!

Appetizers are priced per person.

Antipasto Basket$8.95

Salami, cheese, olives, pickles, crackers, and bagel chips
Price Per Person

Mediterranean Hummus Dip$40.00

Fresh hummus, spinach, feta, tomatoes, cucumbers & sliced ripe olives, & bagel chips
Tray - Serves 25


Assortment of fresh, select, raw cut vegetables. Served with dip.
Price per Person

Marinated Mushrooms$9.99

Mushrooms marinated in a tangy sauce
Price per pound

Cheese and Cracker Tray$3.50

An assortment of domestic cheeses and spreads, served with our artisan assortment of crackers
Priced Per Person

Crab Puffs$24.00

Puff pastry filled with crab and cream cheese
Price per dozen

Bagel Chips$3.50

Our bagels sliced thinly, brushed lightly with garlic butter & baked
Price per 8oz bag

Add a pound of one of our signature spreads or nacho cheese dip $12.00

Fillo Triangles$20.00

Stuffed with spinach and ricotta cheese
Price per dozen

Cheese Ball/Sculptures

One whole pound of your favorite spread crafted into a shape to fit your event’s theme. Served with crackers

Substitute for a bag of bagel chips $15.49

Deviled Egg Halves$1.75

Classic deviled eggs

Artichoke Cheese Bread*$2.25

Flatbread baked with artichoke spread
Price per Person


Slowly cooked sausages, served with wonderful honey mustard
100 pieces

Asiago & Artichoke Dip*$9.99

Asiago cheese and artichoke hearts blended and baked with sliced mushrooms & roasted red peppers. Served with crackers & toast points
Price Per pound


Choose from Dill Mushroom, Sweet & Sour, or BBQ style
100 pieces

Snackers Delight$6.50

Mini bagels with spreads, salami, assorted cheeses, crackers, bagel chips and nacho cheese dip
Priced per Person

Croissant Sandwiches$29.95

Mini Croissants with assorted meats, cheeses, meat salads and lettuce
Price per dozen

Bagelettes with Spread$18.95

Sliced mini bagels with assorted cream cheese spreads
Price per dozen

Quiche & Mini Quiche*$19.00

We encourage you to CREATE with us! We start with the basics: eggs, cream and cheese. You choose your toppings!
-Ham, bacon, or sausage
-Green peppers, red peppers, onions, tomatoes, black olives, artichoke hearts, jalapeños, banana peppers, etc.
9-inch quiche OR 12 mini quiche

Bagelette Sandwiches$23.95

Sliced mini bagels with an assortment of deli meats and cheeses
Price per dozen

Fruit Kabobs$2.50

Two pieces of melon with a strawberry


Spinach wraps are filled with roast beef, ham, or turkey, garden dill, then sliced into roulades
Price per piece

Fruit Salad$2.75

Our classic fruit salad made with honeydew, cantaloupe, pineapple and strawberries
Price per person

Yogurt Parfait

Vanilla yogurt mixed with pineapple, peaches and mandarin oranges, layered with granola and topped with fresh berries
Small $3.79 | Large $4.99

Chunk Fruit Tray$2.95

A decorative take on our classic fruit salad, made with melon balls, pineapple and strawberries
Price per Person



Treat your guests to hand-rolled bagels from The Bagel Station!
Plain | Whole Wheat | Everything | Cheese | Blueberry | Onion | Raisin | Asiago Olive | Jalapeño | Apple Crunch | Snicker Doodle | Salt | Cinnamon | Mediterranean
Each $1.75 | Baker's Dozen $19.00

Breakfast Tray$5.00

Assortment of bagels, Danish, muffins, cream cheese, & cinnamon honey butter
Price per Person

Bagel Breakfast Sandwich

Your choice of toasted bagel with egg and your choice of cheese, or add meat for an additional charge
Egg and cheese bagel $3.50 | Egg, cheese and ham, sausage or bacon $4.99


Garden Salad$3.95

Tomatoes, cucumbers and carrots sit atop a bed of Romaine lettuce. Served with your choice of dressing - Greek, Italian, Honey Mustard, French, Raspberry Vinaigrette, Ranch or Caesar
Price per Person

Specialty Salads$4.95

Spinach Berry | Mandarin Orange | Turkey Cobb
Price per Person

Salad Tray$2.95

We offer a wide variety of pasta, potato & fruit salads. Made fresh daily
Price per Person


Deli Sandwiches$8.49

Choose from corned beef, roast beef, salami, ham, oven roasted turkey, chicken salad, tuna salad or egg salad. Served with Romaine Lettuce and your choice of bread, cheese & condiments
Price per Person

Deli Tray$8.49

An assortment of deli meats, cheeses, or meat salads. Served with mayo and mustard on the side
Price per Person

Add an assortment of bread, bagels, and croissants so your guests can create their own sandwiches $10.49 per person

- Add gluten free bread for $1.00 per person -

Deli Buffet$15.95

Includes assorted meat & cheese tray, bread selections, condiment tray with mayonnaise & mustard, sliced tomatoes, cucumbers, green peppers. and chefs choice of two cold salads
Price per Person

Boxed Lunches$13.49

Includes a whole sandwich with your choice of ham, turkey, or roast beef, fresh fruit, pasta salad and cookie. Condiment and tableware included
- $2 up-charge for specialty sandwiches -

Clam Lunch$8.95

Bagel sandwich with your choice of meat, fresh fruit cluster & a choice of chips or cookies or pasta salads. Condiments & table ware included


Dessert Tray$2.95

Two pieces per person of our bit-sized bar cookies
Price per Person

Classic Cookies$1.50

Choose from chocolate chip, M&M, chocolate chunk, oatmeal, snickerdoodle, or peanut butter

Frosted Cutout Sugar Cookies$2.50

Seasonal shapes or made to your specifications. Decorated by hand


Canned Soda$1.29

Bottled Water$1.50

Coffee Traveler Box$28.00

Includes cups, creamer, sugar, and stir-sticks for 16

Gift Baskets

We offer a variety of personalized Gift Baskets starting at $40

Each personalized gift basket includes:

-Sweet Bread
-Coffee Cake
-Bagel Chips
-Bar Deserts

Delivery and Fees

All catering orders require a 48 hour minimum notice
Delivery - We offer delivery to businesses within Fort Wayne city limits. ($50 minimum order for delivery) $10.00

Setup at your Office - Speak with our catering manager to customize your set up needs. $75.00

Table service - Styrofoam plate, white plastic fork and knife, paper napkin. $1.50 per person

Clear plastic plate, fork and knife, paper napkin. $2.00 per person

Please call to place your order and ask to speak with our catering staff. We do not currently accept orders via email, but we are happy to answer any catering questions you may have!